Level 1 : Where to Start

This section outlines the basic requirements to complete the Procedure Management element of an HP Program using best practice guidance and free-to-access templates and toolkits. Additionally, this Level promotes a broader appreciation of Human Performance and Human Factors in the development and collaborative review of Procedures and Work Instructions.

Workers, HSE and quality professionals, engineers, operational leaders and other individuals involved in writing and reviewing task-level procedures and work instructions.

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We recommend study of these industry guidance resources:

Read UK HSE Revitalising Procedures :
Providing guidance for employers responsible for major hazards on how to develop procedures that are appropriate, fit-for-purpose, accurate, ‘owned’ by the workforce and, most of all, useful.

Read Human Factors Briefing Note No.6 :
Published by the Energy Institute, provides a detailed overview of task analysis, and human reliability and critical procedures. 

Read “Why people don’t follow procedures: a human performance perspective"
Drilling Contractor article. New view of safety, accountability looks beyond enforcing procedural discipline to causes of non-conformance and how to manage variability in job execution.

CIEHF LogoEnrol on FREE 'HP For All' eLearning :
It is recommended that you complete this freely available online course hosted by the Energy Institute. It provides a good foundation in Human Performance principles and applications. It takes around 2 hours to complete.

WTTT 5cmStudy the Walk-Through Talk-Through (WTTT) Technique :
Get familiar with this excellent worksite tool and template. It is widely applicable to all elements of the HP Program and creates added value in workplace hazard management.


Undertake advanced training (costs may apply):

CIEHFEnrol on HP for the Energy Sector Learning Module LEVEL 1 : HP in Procedures Topic Area.
This Level offers knowledge and understanding of the techniques and concepts in HP, giving you the ability to identify and discuss HP terminology and principles and to be able to use reference and resource materials to inform practice with further instruction and supervision. 



Download and apply the WTTT TEMPLATE to review procedures with operators to understand:

  • Whether the procedure reflects the task as done in reality
  • Identify Critical steps
  • How mistakes can happen
  • What factors make mistakes more likely

Corrective actions should be addressed in updates to the Procedure. More advanced Task Analysis may be required, and further detailed reviews of procedure format and policy undertaken.