HP in Your Management System

The sections presented above are the recommended focus areas of Human Performance as components of an HP program that can be integrated into your management system. Whilst some content remains under development, the live sections provide an overview of the HPOG approach and include relevant support materials, guidance and resources.

Each focus area includes:

  • Principles for that focus area
  • Key Recommended Practices
  • Detailed guidance by levels of maturity (Levels 1, 2 and 3)

You are invited to explore each section, make use of the resources and let us know how you get on at admin@hpog.org. Your feedback is highly valued, thank you! 

>> Building and Sustaining HP Skills and Competencies : Please refer to the Developing HP Capability section for recommended practice and 'HP Competencies by Role'..

The HPOG Recommended Practice is being developed by a coalition of oil and gas professionals guided by the HPOG Steering Committee. The aim is to set the basic requirements for Human Performance principles and processes to be integrated into existing company Safety Management Systems (SMSs).

The content in these sections represent ‘Best Practice’, as agreed by a consensus of the members of the HPOG Workgroup. Certain processes and procedures detailed in these documents may require adaptation to suit your own preferences, specific locations, activities or facilities. 

However, the underlying guidelines are considered as recommended components of any integrated Human Performance scheme. These guidelines are subject to regular review and update in response to improved methodologies and technologies.

If you can help, or if you have any feedback, please let us know at admin@hpog.org