HP in Proactive Learning: Learning from normal work

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A thorough understanding of each step of the task will identify Performance Shaping Factors that may lead to human failures. 

Most methods for achieving an understanding are based on step-by-step observations of the task and physically demonstrating the job in a Walk-Through Talk-Through (WTTT) at the worksite. 

This section expands on this principle to provide guidance and resources to aid the detailed analysis and assessment of Human Reliability and Safety Critical Task Analysis.

This collaborative process will also highlight areas where improvements can be made such as:

  • Verifiable and practical procedures and instructions
  • Assuring operator knowledge, skill and overall competence
  • Analysis of the job plan, working environment and workload
  • Human-machine interactions with workstations, plant and control systems
  • Incorporating Human Performance as part of a risk assessment.

The content for this section is currently under development. If you have any questions or feedback, or wish to share your approach in this area, please email us at admin@hpog.org