Simple awareness of HP topics is important for organizational HP capability development, but insufficient to skilfully apply HP tools, or provide the ability to develop or build and sustain an HP program.


  • An HP expert resource is required to build and sustain an integrated HP Program.
  • Raising front line awareness on HP has its place, but the focus of HP capability development should be based upon the systematic integration of HP concepts and tools into organizational processes.
  • Effective implementation of an HP Program will require different individuals demonstrating different levels of competency, from basic awareness, to intermediate, to expert, given the individuals role and scope of influence.


  • Individuals at all levels understand the following concepts:
    • That human error and non-compliance is never a root cause of incidents
    • What are critical tasks and how to manage them
    • Why people don’t follow procedures and ways to address
    • The range Performance Shaping Factors (PSFs, also called Error Traps) and how they increase likelihood of failure / non-compliance
    • How to explain behaviour by using error traps and PSFs in incident investigations.
    • How the design of plant, tools, facilities, workstations and activities can increase the chance of mistakes
    • Symptoms of excess workload, stress, and fatigue
    • Foundations of (safety) critical communications
    • Examples of leadership behaviours that build trust and increase speak up.
    • How to learn and improve systems from normal work, when nothing goes wrong.
  • Three level model:  Organizational Human Performance capability should be represented by three levels of competency:
    • HP experts, that hold professional qualifications approved by HF/HP professional bodies, are responsible for the HP strategy and providing guidance to the organisation
    • HP “Champions” with an intermediate level of competency in HP topics that can support the implementation of the HP strategy at the site / functional / regional level
    • HP awareness across the entire organisation
  • HP knowledge and skills are integrated into competency management systems for operational and non-operational roles.


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