Other Courses

HPOG has identified other training courses that are available through other providers. This list will be kept under continuous review and will be added to when appropriate content has been sourced.

Human Factors in Health and Safety - IChemE

Human Factors in Health and Safety consists of four modules, supported by independent study, which together provides a broad human factors educational programme.

The modules are independent of each other and can be completed in any order. You can sign up for all four to get a comprehensive overview of human factors, or attend single modules to develop understanding in a particular area.

More information can be found here.

Human and organisational factors professional development: Complete training resource - Energy Institute

Human and organisational factors play a big part in operations in all industries, and have been cited as contributory causes in a number of major incidents. However, among process safety leaders there exists a knowledge gap in how to manage human factors, due to a lack of training offered, both within industry and in many related university degrees. Human factors professional development fills this gap by providing a comprehensive, flexible, and modular training resource. It aims to provide a standardised approach to human and organisational factors training and can be readily used by training departments, training providers and universities to teach human and organisational factors practices and methodologies to non-specialists.

More information can be found here.