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Well Operations Crew Resource Management Awareness (WOCRM) Course

The free, online Well Operations Crew Resource Management Awareness (WOCRM) course follows our highly successful Level 1 well control awareness course which has over 55,000 users worldwide.

Available to complete online via the IWCF website, the WOCRM course aims to improve non-technical skills of all personnel involved in well operations and focuses on the 6 WOCRM competencies outlined in the IOGP 501 and 502 reports.

There is a knowledge check at the end of each module. Once you have successfully completed all 6 modules, and a pass mark of 70% or more is achieved, you will receive your instant certificate.


Module information

WOCRM graphic2Situational Awareness - This module focuses on what situational awareness is and why it is so important in a potentially dangerous work environment like an oil and gas platform.

Decision Making - This module demonstrates why decision making is a critical skill for anyone working in a high risk environment like the oil and gas industry.

Leadership - This module focuses on the different types of leadership that may be encountered, and the pros and cons of each style.

Communication - Here users will gain an understanding of the importance of effective communication in our industry.

Teamwork - This module focuses on why teamwork plays a very important part in the oil and gas industry. Users will learn how to build a solid team along with the essential elements, principles and team skills necessary to develop CORE skills.

Performance Factors - This module focuses on the different types of stress, the symptoms and the impact they can have on an individual or a team.


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