Forum - Aberdeen 17th September 2019

Introduction to WellsInMind – Steve Kropla, IADC

Steve provided a brief background on the initiative and explained how it was formed after the IADC Workshop.

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Building a Global Human Performance Resource – Allen Smith and Brodie Smith, Silverdot Ltd

Allen went through the DROPS model and how it can be applied to WellsInMind. He briefly touched on the branding of the initiative before handing over to Brodie who spoke about the results of the online survey.

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HP Industry Resource: Vision and Strategy – Chris Parker, BP and Marcin Nazaruk, Baker Hughes

Chris gave a fascinating insight into the definitions and principles of Human Performance. He also spoke about the focus areas for the initiative.

Marcin then took over and led a group discussion on Human Performance based on three points, Vision, Milestones and the Role of the HP Resource. There was fantastic engagement from all attendees.

Exercise 1 had a unanimous verdict; everyone agreed that the industry needs to address Human Performance in order to dramatically cut incidents. It was agreed that Oil & Gas are behind other industries when it comes to Human Factors and that we need to move this forward by working together.

A common theme in exercise 2 was realizing that competence should, by definition, include behaviors and it’s something that has been overlooked in the past. Another talking point was around the progression of technology and how that will assist operations in the future.

Exercise 3 was all about alignment. The room agreed that the whole industry, including regulators and bodies need to be on the same page when it comes to definitions, language and direction. There was also discussion around the practical use of case studies of incidents that can be broken down and track where Human Performance potentially had a part to play.

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